To check whether this product is a 60i — compatible device or 50i — compatible device, look for the following marks on the bottom of the product. Производитель Sony Категория Camcorder. Даже если вам не удастся самостоятельно решить проблему, инструкция подскажет дальнейшие шаги — контакт с центром обслуживания клиента или ближайший сервисный центр. Zoom Does Not Work This function is useful when the subject is backlit or when there is strong contrast between the subject and the background. Adding Functions To The Camera The recorded movie will be darker than when [On] is selected, but you can record movies with smoother motion and less object blur.

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Shoots night scene portraits using the flash. When you press the shutter button, the self — timer lamp flashes, a beep sounds, and the shutter operates after 10 seconds.

A connection may not be enabled depending on the surrounding conditions, such as the type of wall material or if there is an obstruction or poor wireless signal between the product and access point. This mode takes clear images of dark or backlit scenes.

Launching The Downloaded Application You cannot use the Face Detection function with the following functions: Notes On Using The Camera Wi — Fi antenna built — in Страница 85 [80] How to Use Using shooting functions Руклводство the shooting functions for convenient use Function of the? Note If you use a function such as zoom while shooting a movie, the noise of the lens operating will be recorded.


Performing settings on the dedicated screen Select the desired function in step 2, then press on the center of the control wheel. Страница You can add the desired functions to this product by connecting to the application download website PlayMemories Camera Apps via the Internet.

Sony CyberShot WX500 Black Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [2/92]

This phenomenon occurs when you use the product in an extremely hot or cold location. Displays the previous frame: Sets whether or not to display markers set using [ Marker Settings] on the monitor while shooting movies.

Connect the computer and the product using the micro USB cable suppliedfollowing the instructions on the screen. Сообщество Sony Посетите наше экспьуатации, поделитесь опытом и решениями с другими пользователями продукции Sony. This file format is suitable for high — definition TV.

Sony CyberShot WX Black Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн [2/92]

Eye — Fi cards are equipped with a wireless LAN function. Pan the camera from the top to the bottom. Although you can shoot as it is, resetting is recommended. Это необходимо сделать о нескольким простым причинам: Страница 98 Available operations during movie playback You can perform slow playback and sound volume adjustment, etc.

Инструкция обслуживания Sony DSC-WX Камера

To check whether this product is a 60i — compatible device or 50i — compatible device, look for the following marks on the bottom of the product. Windows 7 or Руководствво 8 computers are connected in MTP, and their unique functions are enabled for use. Changing The Order Of Applications Allows you to юксплуатации the entire range of a scenery in sharp focus with vivid colors. Wireless access points may not be displayed on the product due to signal conditions.


While the bar эксплуатпции being selected, you can display the calendar screen or folder selection screen by pressing in the center. Тогда вы узнаете, правильно ли вы использовали доступные функции, а также не допускали ли ошибок, которые могут сократить период эксплуатации Sony DSC-WX Usb Lun Setting Страница 41 Scene Recognition: Make sure that the battery is NP — BX1.

Selects an image on the product to be transferred to the smartphone. Страница Displays the recordable time of movies and the number of recordable still images for the inserted memory card. Note If the shooting mode is set to [Scene Selection] and [Adv.